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Riding Route (Riderute Sydfyn)

A 75 km. long riding route in Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality


Short description
The Riding Route (Riderute Sydfyn) opened in the summer of 2011, and thus the many interested in horseback riding - visiting and residential – was given a unique possibility to get both short and weekend-long riding experiences in the diverse forests and hilly countryside on Southern Funen. The project also provides help with the practical aspects when a unique riding experience is to be planned.

Background and Purpose
The idea stems from both Naturturisme I/S' and Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality’s wish for the establishment of better possibilities for horseback riding on South Funen. Furthermore, many of the potential residents had asked about riding possibilities in the area. The project was therefore started, and it became a catalyst for ground breaking cooperation between private businesses and the public establishment in creating a longer and coherent riding route in Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality.

Possibilities and Advantages
The cooperation between the public establishment and the private landowners has opened up to a unique possibility of an increasing number of users of the nature – all the while it became a commercially attractive product for the participating businesses due to the sales of riding passes.
On the Riding Route’s homepage you can get information on the Riding Route, buy day- and annual passes, find suggestions on trips and print maps of either parts of or the entire route.
If you wish to bring your own horse, create a longer trip and sleep in a Hay Hotel, you can also find information about that on the homepage.

Collaborators and Funds
The Riding Route is developed in cooperation between Naturturisme I/S and the region’s large forestry and agricultures: Steensgaard Estate (Steensgaard Gods), Brahetrolleborg Forestry and Agriculture (Brahetrolleborg Skov og Landbrug), Holstenshuus Estate (Holstenshuus Gods), Svanninge Bjerge, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality and The Danish Nature Agency, Fyn.
Furthermore, the Riding Route has a well functioning network of Hay Hotels as well as a network called Friends of the Riding Route (Riderute Sydfyns Venner) which was started in 201. Are you considering to establish a Hay Hotel or a tour riding business, you can benefit from contacting the Project Manager Naturturisme I/S.


Project Manager at Naturturisme I/S:
Nina Brandt Jacobsen

Fact Box

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Project sum: 850.000 dkr.

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Riderute Sydfyn

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