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A World Class Archipelago (Et Øhav I Verdensklasse)

The Destination Fyn-project


Short description
In 2012-2014, Naturturisme I/S participated in the structural fund project Destination Fyn which focused on developing the maritime and water based tourism all around Funen – i.e. to attract more tourists who are welcome to spend more money while they are here.
The project had three “legs”; the development of a DMO, a H.C. Anderson-part and an A World Class Archipelago-part, where the latter should be handled and upheld by Naturturisme I/S i Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago..
The assignment was to create growth in the year-around tourism and experience economy on Funen, Langeland and Aero. 

Background and Purpose
A World Class Archipelago (Et Øhav I Verdensklasse) had three overall objectives:
- To create more commercial and sellable activity options in the archipelago
- To increase the boater’s daily consumption 
- To increase employment and tourism revenue in the archipelago

The task was to develop new experiences and products for broad and large target groups like the family, who wishes to try out kayaking, and boaters, who request activities on shore. But it was also aimed at the smaller target groups like the angler and spear fisher on a weekend trip.

Possibilities and Advantages
A World Class Archipelago is supporting the costal area’s private businesses in working on creating growth through a joint effort in product development and marketing. I.e.: The Harbour Cooperation (Havnesamarbejdet) has emerged from this

A World Class Archipelago is a cooperation between I/S, Development Fyn and approx. 120 tourism industries, -businesses, -organisations and other stakeholders.

Project Manager at Naturturisme I/S:
Nina Brandt Jacobsen

Fact Box

Sea Kayaking in Det Sydfynske Øhav. (Photo: Geir)

Destination Fyn

Project sum: 6.900.000 dkr.

The project was supported by: