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Our Goals – Quality in Experience

Naturturisme I/S cooperates with relevant partners in developing experiences and activities for the local population and the tourists in Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago).

The experiences stem from the great potentials of the area regarding its natural and cultural heritage. The experiences are active with room for contemplation, play and learning.

The unique nature of Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) with large shallow areas, islets and varied shorelines provides a possibility for a multiform outdoors. Naturturisme I/S has developed an open-air strategy for Det Sydfynske Øhav that assists in making the archipelago the best maritime outdoor area in Denmark – for both tourists and the locals.

The purpose of the strategy is to strengthen the possibilities for the outdoors within the archipelago itself – the outdoors that is connected to the water.
We focus on six different ways of experiencing the outdoors, where the archipelago provides unique strengths and can create growth in the tourism industries: Sea kayaking, angling, boating, underwater activities, surfing and people enjoying the nature by the shore.

Five Focus Areas

Naturturisme I/S is working toward the target: that “The South Funen Archipelago has the best outdoor areas in Denmark”. To reach that target, the focus needs to be on five areas:

1. Secure Experiences | Nature and cultural heritage

First step is to secure that there is something to experience. Det Sydfynske Øhav is a unique piece of nature with a diverse wildlife and flora. It contains rare plant species and is a breeding area and living space for thousands of birds. On coast, the area is characterised by an exciting cultural history which is told through beautiful natural areas, manors, villages and market towns.

This is why Naturturisme I/S is working to establish and preserve the natural- and cultural heritage of Det Sydfynske Øhav, so that there is also something to experience in the future, and this is why we currently have established:

2. Making the experience available | The Outdoors

Det Sydfynske Øhav offers a lot of nature and culture, but many areas are not accessible. Therefore, it is important to secure accessibility to experiences in the area by establishing facilities and infrastructure connected to natural- and cultural areas, e.g. trail systems, biking trails, overnight accommodations and pitches.

As part of the open-air strategy, we have created costal based shelters and pitches on the islands – 19 Blue Strongholds in the shape of The Archipelago Shelters. We hope that shelter sites will be established all the way around Funen.

3. Creating the story of experience | Dissemination

Dissemination is essential to create experiences on an internationally high quality standard. To secure a holistic experience in Det Sydfynske Øhav for the visitor, we must tell the good stories. The information’s must be disseminated through home pages, pamphlets, guide books, signage, exhibitions and events

We publish two guide books for hiking on the Archipelago Trail and a Sea Kayaking Guide.

Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum (Egebjerg Mill Naturecenter), Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter (The Archipelago Smack- and Nature Centre) and Søbygaard communication centres are to act as steppingstones to the local area, which provides the exciting natural- and cultural history of Det Sydfynske Øhav.

4. Business Development

We will strengthen the development opportunities of the tourism industry by contributing in working on business- and product development regarding the tourist operator’s commercialisation of products/packages/offers in connection to experiences in the South Funen area.

The business development is implemented as an element in our projects, i.e. The Harbour Cooperation and REACT.

Furthermore, we work on making Det Sydfynske Øhav a paradise for school camps. Lejrskoleportalen.dk makes it easy to book and complete a school camp, and our goal is that all children and teenagers in Denmark experience a stay in Det Sydfynske Øhav.

5. Branding of  Det Sydfynske Øhav  

Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) is a brand that Naturturisme I/S is working to position through our projects, in close cooperation with all of our collaborators: “The South Funen Archipelago – the best maritime outdoor area in Denmark”.

Naturturisme I/S is not a marketing organisation. The locals and the multi-municipal tourist organisations maintain the primary marketing of Det Sydfynske Øhav. Naturturisme I/S is working closely with all of these operators - and with Developing Fyn, which is an active player in our projects. We support it through our Archipelago Map, e.g.:

With the five focus areas we work with a holistic strategy for the future development of Det Sydfynske Øhav  as a sought after residence and tourist attraction.

Photo: Kasper Andersen