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Dive Spot M/F Ærøsund

Artificial Reef in Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago)


Short description
Den 55 m. long ferry M/F Ærøsund was sunk in October 2014 southwest of Ballen Harbour (Ballen Havn) and now provides a framework for a fantastic artificial reef on the bottom of the sea. The ferry is located on 19 m. water (the top only 6 m. from the surface), and since the lowering numerous flora and fauna have arrived on the reef. At the same time, M/F Ærøsund functions as an attractive dive spot with thousands of visiting national and international divers every year.
Prior to the lowering, the ferry was submitted to a comprehensive environmental cleaning.

Background and Purpose
M/F Ærøsund was sunk to create a new reef in a maritime zone, where a lack of reef formations was professionally recognised. The artificial reef provides a framework for a new biotope in Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago). At the same time, the initiative stimulates the local business development regarding coastal tourism, by attracting national and international diving tourists.
The ferry had, prior to the lowering, been secured for diving, so that it is highly suitable for teaching and newcomers. The wreck also informs about the local maritime and cultural history in an innovative fashion

Possibilities and Advantages
The wreck has created a attractive and needed habitat and hideout for the marine life in Det Sydfynske Øhav. Department of Biology on University of Southern Denmark has initiated a major project on the wreck, where nature and oceanic wildlife are being examined. The sinking of M/F Ærøsund has especially created a unique possibility for a safe education in wreck diving and wreck penetration, as the only place in Denmark.

Environmental protection
Prior to the lowering of M/F Ærøsund, Naturturisme I/S invetsed in a thorough analysis of the ferry’s components – from paint and sealants to deck and wall coverings. In view of this, environmental cleaning was completed with focus on all the environmentally hazardous substances on the ship. Hereby it was secured that M/F Ærøsund solely was a gain for the marine environment of Det Sydfynske Øhav. 

Dive Spot M/F Ærøsund has a broad political support locally and all affected interest organisations are supporting the project: The Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Danish Outdoor Council, Commercial Fisheries and The Agriculture.

Project Manager at Naturturisme I/S:
Kewin Friis Kamelarczyk, kewin.kamelarczyk@svendborg.dk

Fact Box

Vragdykning i Det Sydfynske Øhav.

Project sum: 2.420.000 dkr.

The project was supported by:

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