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Egebjerg Mill Nature Space (Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum)

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Short description
The old Egebjerg Mill (Egebjerg Mølle) was in 2013 and 2014 re-made as a modern information centre for the natural history of the archipelago and its localised potentials. Over six floors from the wagon entrance to the top of the mill, visitors get knowledge of how the Ice Age shaped the landscape and the nature and become inspired to discover the area.
Naturturisme I/S and Egebjerg Møllelaug were the principal forces behind the project.

Background and Purpose
The Nature Space is the first of its kind on Funen and features as a so called Steppingstone (Trædesten), from where visitors are guided to local places of experience. The Nature Space is run by the voluntary association Egebjerg Møllelaug.

Possibilities and Advantages
The mill stands 110 m. above sea level. From the top of the landscape and the mill’s beautiful prism, visitors get a magnificent view over South Funen and the archipelago. The mill provides a great framework for an alternative presentation that motivates and engages the visitors to understand and actively experience the unique Ice Age scenery and cultural landscape of the region.
On one of the mill’s floors, ‘Find the Tadpole’ guides families with children to fun activities in the hills of Egebjerg Bakker. The Nature Space also includes ‘The Schools’ Nature Space’ (Skolernes Naturrum ) with a gear bank and teaching materials.
As part of the project, multiple trails and shelters have been established in the Hills of Egebjerg Bakker

Egebjerg Mill Nature Space (Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum) is established in cooperation between Naturturisme I/S, Egebjerg Møllelaug and the association’s many committed volunteers. Arrays of other operators were also active in realising the project: Svendborg Museum, Øhavsmuseet, The Danish Nature Agency, Svendborg Naturskole, Trente Mill (Trente Mølle) and Skovsgaard Estate (Skovsgaard Gods). Not least, the project was also highly supported by local residents.

Egebjerg Mill Nature Space has won Svendborg Kommunes Arkitekturpris in 2014 and RENOVER-prisens specialpris 2015. RENOVER-prisen is awarded by Realdania and Grundejernes Investeringsfond.

Project Managers at Naturturisme I/S:
Kewin Friis Kamelarczyk, kewin.kamelarczyk@svendborg.dk og
Søren Lisby, soren.lisby@svendborg.dk

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Egebjerg Mill

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Egebjerg Mill

Project sum: 3.700.000 dkr.

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