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Naturturisme I/S has regularly developed and completed a number of events that have made the unique possibilities for outdoor activities in Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) visible.
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Archipelago Day (Øhavets Dag)
Archipelago Day (Øhavets Dag)  is one large outdoor exhibition which functions as a showcase for local businesses, organisations, companies and others who have something to say about nature, environmental issues, cultural history and leisure.

The last Archipelago Day-event under our management was held in 2011. But local Archipelago Day. Events are still held in Faaborg and by Ristinge on Langeland.

Track Day (Stiens Dag)
Track Day was an annual day of exercise which was held 4 days after Christmas. Activities on the Archipelago Track highlighted associations, organisations and institutions on South Funen and the islands, where the organisers could make values and activities that they were passionate about and worked on visible.

The last Track Day-event was held in 2010.

The Archipelago Trail NON-stop (Øhavsstien NON-Stop)
The Archipelago Trail Non-Stop was a four day event with non-stop information about nature and culture from dusk till dawn. Locals and tourists could jump on and off or participate in the entire arrangement. The event was supported by Naturturisme I/S’ goal of making Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) a place with room for contemplation and learning.

The Archipelago Trail NON-stop was last held in 2009.

Local businesses, organisations, municipalities, nature educational centres, i.e.

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Archipelago Day, Ballen.

Settled in the period 2006-2011

Total project sum: 800.000 dkr.

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