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Smaller Projects (Mindre Projekter)

Through time, Naturturisme I/S has also worked on smaller projects that should strengthen the infrastructure, the preservation and the dissemination behind initiatives like the preservation of Højmose by Faaborg, the improvement of a camp site on Bjørnø, the publishing of the Riding Track Manual and much, much more:

Smaller projects in infrastructure: 
- Improvement of a camp site on Bjørnø
- Establishment of a resting area on Lyø

Smaller projects in preservation:
- Preservation of Højmose by Faaborg
- Preservation of dinghy-shipyard on Svendborg Harbour

Smaller projects in dissemination: 
- Publishing of the Riding Trail Manual
- Signage at harbours on islets
- The Øbo Exhibition
- Various leaflets

Fact Box

Signage on Bjørnø

Riding Trail Manual

Total project sum: 1.2 mil. dkr.

The projects were supported by: