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Experience Aero from Søbygaard (Oplev Ærø fra Søbygaard)

Short description
The project has through the establishment of a wetland and a heating system from the lake strengthened the attraction of Søbygaard on Aero.
The wetlands have been part of recreating the old mote surrounding the manor and giving the drawbridge a raison d'être.
Furthermore, the establishment of a heating system from the lake has given Søbygaard much better economic conditions for operating the attraction and for prolonging the season.

Possibilities and Advantages
The wetland is to frame the releasing and promotion of Fire-bellied Toads on Aero. In connection with the project, spawning holes for Fire-bellied Toads have been established both by Søbygaard and in Vitsø Nor.

Aero Museum, Aero Municipality, Friends of Søbygaard and Naturturisme I/S entered a collaboration in realising the project.

Project Manager at Naturturisme I/S:
Søren Lisby, soren.lisby@svendborg.dk