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Biking- and Hiking Trail on Aero (Cykel- og Vandresti på Ærø)


Short description
Through this project, Naturturisme I/S has been a part of securing a biking- and hiking trail by Drejet and Nevre respectively on Aero.

The trail by Drejet is well over 1,5 km. long and is used by both bikers and hikers.
The area where the trail is laid is owned by The Danish Nature Agency, Fyn that have financed and established the trailing system. Aero Municipality is responsible for operating and maintaining the trail.

The trail by Nevre is 3,8 km. long and have secured a far more attractive and safe route between Marstal and Ærøskøbing. The track is laid on private lands, owned by 17 landowners. Aero Municipality has established the trail and is responsible operating and maintaining the trail.

Both trails provides a possibility for biking and hiking – two activities which Aero is focused on in developing tourism.

Background and Purpose
The purpose with the two trails was primary to secure and better the accessibility to Aero’s nature and thereby give guests and locals a possibility of more experiences. Moreover, the trails help with the current trafficable challenges and wishes for a better infrastructure for cyclists

Possibilities and Advantages
Both trails are unbelievably popular and are often used by both guests and residents, who commute between Ærøskøbing and Marstal on bikes. Amongst others, the new trails provide for a better possibility to bike aroung Aero.

Aero Municipality, landowners and The Danish Nature Agency, Fyn.


Project Manager at Naturturisme I/S:
Rico Boye Jensen

Fact Box

Project was handed over in 2012

Project sum: 2 mio. dkr.

The project was supported by: