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Broholm Estate (Broholm Gods) – various projects

Broholm Estate – establishment of The Fairy Tale Trail and re-establishment of garden

The project with developing the visitor’s area at Broholm Estate consisted of multiple elements that altogether have created a good foundation for an outing. The recreational possibilities are improved for the area’s natural and cultural values to be secured and expanded:

Establishment of The Fairy Tale Track
An old path round the moat surrounding Broholm Estate has been re-established as The Fairy Tale Track. The tracj is approx. 1 km. long and runs through old jungle-like bog forest, through islets and moats with bridges, walkways over canals and wetlands, and, last but not least, kissing- and resting benches.
The trail functions as a loop to the Archipelago Trail.

Cleaning of chosen sections of the canal
The installations of Broholm with islets and canals is an ancient English inspired romantic garden, established in the 1800’s.  The garden underwent a restoration and cleaning of chosen sections of the islets and the canals. At the same time, the cleaning recreated/maintained the view from the path to the manor and is now contributing to the track’s value of experience.

The estate’s meadowland
From The Fairy Tale Track, access to a viewpoint by the meadowlands was established, from where the visitor can now get further information on nature and culture.

The project contains multiple elements that altogether will create a good foundation for an outing where the area’s possibilities are improved. Partly through the accessibility to the public, but also through the securement and expansion of the area’s natural and cultural values.  


Collaborators: Broholm Estate and Svendborg Museum

Fact Box

The Fairy Tale Track at Broholm Gods.

Broholm Estate

The project was handed over in 2005

Project sum: 155.000 dkr.

The project was supported by: