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Aero Natural Park (Ærø Naturpark)

In 2005, Naturturisme I/S decided to give a financial contribution to the establishment of Aero Natural Park – a new natural area with public access on Aero, which had been initiated by the private association “Natural Park Aero” (Naturpark Ærø).

The association had well over 40 ha. hilly and higher situated lands that gave a fantastic view over the archipelago, and the contribution secured the area’s status as an uncultivated and grazed natural area with free public access for a minimum of 10 years.

The project consisted of large improvements of nature that should create a foundation to good experiences in nature. At the same time, the project secured diverse recreational facilities, including information that made it into an outstandingly recreational natural area.

Collaborators: Natural Park Aero Association (foreningen Naturpark Ærø) and Aero Municipality.

Fact Box

Starlings at Aero Natural Park.

The project was handed over in 2005

Project sum: 178.000 dkr.

The project was supported by: