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Upgrading the Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien)

First draft – development of signature route and hiking destination

Short description
In 2017, Naturturisme I/S was working on the first draft to eventually upgrading The Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien) and the dissemination was in connection to hiking in Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago). The Archipelago Trail was set to become a signature, and Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) was to become an even better hiking destination that provides hiking of the highest quality.

The project was uncover the potentials and current level of quality of The Archipelago Trail and map out the needs for adjustments and improvements in signage i.e.

Background and Purpose
The purpose of the first draft was to clarify the touristic, financial and business related importance of today’s Archipelago Trail, and to evaluate the potential for growth in the experience economy via an upgrading of the trail. Furthermore, we would work on developing of an innovative lodging concept that will support the current possibilities for accommodations on The Archipelago Trail. The project would result in an action plan for ’next step’; cf. a certification of The Archipelago Trail and thus an upgrading of the trail and Det Sydfynske Øhav as a hiking area. .

Possibilities and Advantages
The experience economy was strengthened in a collective effort to create a high quality certification signature trail from The Archipelago Trail. The trail was to tie Det Sydfynske Øhav together – even stronger than today. An upgrade of The Archipelago Trail would also make it possible to explore the strengths of the area as an outdoor tourism destination to a much higher degree, and thereby transform activity into real economic growth in the outlying areas.

A high quality trail that is open all year would also make it possible to attract more school classes, institutions and tour operators etc., which are expected to use the hiking offers more both in and out of season due to the increased accessibility.

The four municipalities of South Funen
Svendborg Technical College (Svendborg Erhvervsskole)
Danish Hiking Guild (Dansk Vandrelaug)
Deutscher Wanderverband Service GmbH and
Destination Funen


Project Managers at Naturturisme I/S:
Nina Brandt Jacobsen & Nanna Heinrich

Fact Box

Project sum: 595.900 dkr.

The project is supported by:

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