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Below are some good tips to follow on the hike:


· Pack a hearty lunch
· Remember to bring something to drink – the water stations are few and far between!
· Wear sturdy footwear, preferably hiking boots
· Dress according to the weather
· Remember to bring binoculars (and camera, if you wish) – there are many splendid motifs!
· Bring a mobile phone by all means

The Archipelago Trail is made for walkers and ramblers and waymarked by posts along the entire trail.
On your walk, please be considerate of the natural environment and property owners:
· The entire trail is open from 6.00 a.m. until sunset.
· Dogs must be kept on a leash.
· You are walking on private property, so please show consideration for the owners and do not discard refuse. Stopping for breaks, rests, etc., within 150 metres of dwellings is not allowed.
· Tenting overnight is only permitted at campsites or camping grounds or in areas where this is specifically permitted by the property owner.
· Sections of the trail may be closed during the hunting season, but you will be informed of an alternate route on site.



If necessary, check whether it is possible to take a bus to the section of the path you have selected. See the timetables at www.FynBus.dk og get further details by phoning tel. +45 6311 2233.



If you would like information on accommodation near the trail, visit Accommodation, or contact the local tourist office.




 Vnadresti Langeland
 Stengade Skov, Langeland
Photo - Naturturisme