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To get the most out of your sea kayaking, with maximum safety and consideration of the area, it may be useful for you to consider some good advice and tips before setting out.


10 helpful tips for sea kayakers:

  1. Do not depart if you lack experience or knowledge of how to paddle a kayak. 
  2. Get the weather forecast from DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) or call tel. 1853 before you leave. 
  3. Realistically assess your own skills in relation to the weather and the distance involved. 
  4. Never kayak alone – always with others. 
  5. Always leave behind your planned route and expected time of return and call if you are delayed. 
  6. Bring along the required safety equipment, wear a life jacket at all times and pack clothes and gear for all types of weather. 
  7. Use the resting and accommodation sites and venues designated for this. You are not permitted to pitch a tent along the shore or in other areas without the express permission of the property owner. 
  8. Respect other sea-going traffic and yield the right of way to other boats in the fairway. 
  9. Respect the wildlife and the local populace and follow the rules of the Protection of Nature Act regarding traffic in wildlife areas. 
  10. Do not hesitate to call for help if you are in distress.

You are asked to be observe certain considerations regarding the bird and animal life and the vulnerable nature areas of the Archipelago, but also be considerate of the local inhabitants when you moor at their islands.


Further details are available under Nature’s Traffic Rules

Gruppe af havkajakroere
 A group of sea kayakers

   Photo - Nicus Nature

Frokost På Drejø
   Lunch on the Island Drejø
    Photo - Nicus Nature

If you have no kayaking experience but wish to try the sport, several providers of courses and guided tours are found in the area.