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The South Funen Archipelago is criss-crossed with rambling opportunities, either on the future Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien) or on formerly established footpaths.


The National Nature Agency has published pamphlets on various nature areas entitled Nature Trails in the State Forests (Vandreture i Statsskovene) with detailed maps and descriptions of the area. The pamphlets for nature areas in Funen County can be viewed here.


The Danish Bird Protection Foundation (Fugleværnsfonden) has commissioned pamphlets on selected nature areas with accompanying trails in places like Langeland, i.e. near Tryggelev Nor and Gulstav Mose.








 Vandrerute i øhavet
Hiking Route in the Archipelago
Photo - Naturturisme

Footpaths called Countryside Traces have been established at various locations in Denmark, with an accompanying pamphlet with a map and a description of the area.


Several of the islands and islets have joined forces with Funen County to make their own island pamphlet which, in addition to practical island information, has a map of waymarked footpaths.


The folders are available at museums, libraries and local tourist offices.