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The excursions suggested in the following are a blend of museums (see also Øhavsmuseerne (Archipelago Museums)), castles, manors, prehistoric monuments and man-made structures, all of cultural-historical interest.



Tranekær is the site of Tranekær Slot (Castle) surrounded by large manor gardens and also the setting of TICKON (Tranekær International Centre of Art and Nature), a showcase of natural art, and Tobaksladen Denmark’s only remaining tobacco drying shed, as well as Tranekær Slotsmølle (Castle Mill) and Tranekær Slotsmuseum (Castle Museum), with exhibits provided by Langelands Museum.


Rudkøbing’s many fine, historical houses that grace this old market town also include the recently refurbished Rudkøbing Town Mill, part of the town landmark. Rudkøbing is the site of Langelands Museum, with fine prehistory exhibits relating to Langeland and Strynø in the form of finds and relics from prehistoric times up to today. Langeland Museum also manages the Museum Langelandsfort, in South Langeland.


South Langeland is also the site of Skovsgaard Gods (Manor) a beautiful old manor house and newly restored mill, Skovsgaard Mill, which on certain days of the week grinds grain into flour.


In addition to the main building of Skovsgaard Manor, you can view the exhibits of Langelands Museum at Tyvende Vogn- og Skovbrugsmuseet (Farmhand, Carriage and Forestry Museum) and Karetmagermuseet (Wheelright Museum), or participate in activities at the Naturværkstedet (Nature Workshop).


Svendborg and environs

Other castles such as Valdemars Slot (Tåsinge) and Egeskov  (near Kværndrup) are also open to visitors and each has interesting exhibits.
Broholm Gods (Manor) has laid out an Enchanting Trail through old English-inspired manor gardens across canals and islets.


At 72 metres above sea level, Bregninge Church (Tåsinge) has a fantastic view of Svendborg, some of South Funen and the entire South Funen Archipelago. The Sand Hills around Bregninge Church are an old community meeting place.


Tåsinge also has maritime exhibits such as Tåsinge Skipperhjem and Søfartssamlingerne (Shipping and Navigation Collections), Troense.
Svendborg is the site of the Ørkild Castle Mounds, the oldest in Denmark, established in 1157–1187, presumably by Valdemar I. Legend has it that at midnight you can still hear the gatekeeper riding around the mounds rattling his keys.


Faaborg and environs

Pipstorn Skov (Wood), near Faaborg, which has been burial ground and religious site for several thousand years, has several long barrows and graves.


Kaleko Mølle (Mill), in the outskirts of Faaborg, is the oldest preserved watermill in Denmark.



Marstal Søfartsmuseum describes proud maritime traditions over the ages in the Archipelago, and Ærø Museum presents the world’s oldest collection of ships-in-a-bottle and model ships.


Søbygaard, Ærø, is a well-preserved, refurbished fortification and one of the largest, most splendid castle mounds in Denmark.

The Islands


Smakkecentret, Strynø Island, has a museum about smack sailing in the Archipelago.
Several of the islands have remains of prehistoric monuments such as dolmens from the Neolithic period. Many of them are intact, such as Klokkestenen (Bell Stone), Lyø Island, a round barrow whose cover stone rings like a bell if struck correctly in certain spots.

 Tranekær Slot 
Trankær Castle
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Broholm Eventyrsti
Broholm Enchanting Trail
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Strynø Smakkecenter
Strynø Smakkecenter
Photo - Torben Bürgel Nielsen