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 Svanninge Bakker, Troldeland                         Ærø, Lunden
            Troldeland, Svanninge Bakker                                                   Lunden, Ærøskøbing
            Photo - Funen State Forest District                                            Photo - Naturturisme 

Denmark's largest nature playground, Troldeland, is located at Gåsebjergsand in Svanninge Hills just outside Faaborg. The Nature Playground is divided into various zones:

  • a large play area for 7 to 12 year olds with some 25 pieces of playing equipment situated along the edge so you can play ‘Iceberg Jump’ all the way around;
  • a Land of Trolls for 3 to 6 year olds with some 10 pieces of playing equipment;
  • an area where you can build hideouts, a campfire and sit under cover of the rain;
  • a campground for school classes, scout troops, etc.;
  • the playing area is characterised by ‘inverted’ trees from the Funen State Forest District.
  • Further details are available by contacting the Funen State Forest District, tel. +45 6265 1777.

The Lunden nature playground on the island of Ærø is situated near Ærøskøbing Family and Youth Hostel near the sea and is a stimulating combination of playing equipment, sculptures and habitats, including a carving hut. Contact Ærø Nature and Energy School for further details, tel. +45 6252 2560.