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The South Funen Archipelago is an old, widely varying Ice Age landscape – ranging from flat flooded moraine plains, undulating lateral moraine hills or completely round hat-shaped hills, formed during the last Ice Age as the glacial ice moved across South Funen.


Lateral moraines are visible in places such as Svanninge Hills and the round hat-shaped hills are visible in many parts of Langeland.

The large glacier from the Baltic Sea moved from the south-east to the north-west forming two glacial tongues that carved out the Great Belt and Little Belt and created many drumlin ridges in the South Funen Archipelago. Drumlins are characteristic elongated, rounded hills that show the direction in which the ice moved. Ristinge (Langeland), Drejø, Avernakø and Birkholm, for instance, are all drumlin ridges.
Deep subglacial stream trenches are seen in other areas, such as Lyø, created by torrents of melt water beneath the ice.
Fossils can be found in several interesting areas of the South Funen Region, too.


After the last Ice Age, 12,000–9,000 years ago, the entire South Funen Archipelago was connected to Funen and was covered with large deciduous forests and many freshwater lakes. A freshwater lake completely surrounded by deciduous forest was located just south of the island of Strynø, for instance.
Around 6,000 years ago, the Funen Region started to tip, and the sea rose, which gradually resulted in the Archipelago we see today: a vast shallow area encompassing 55 inhabited and uninhabited islands which have sunk about three metres since the last Ice Age.


The islands are constantly changing. The forces of the sea polish the appearance of the shorelines with the high, windswept, barren cliff-lined coasts where landslides are a recurring event, while the flat green salt-marshes with sandy points gradually lengthen in either a straight line or at an angle depending on how the material is deposited by the sea.

Hatbakker fra Langeland 
Hat-shaped hills
Photo - Birgit Bjerre Lauersen

Dovns Klint
Dovns Cliff
Photo - Naturturisme

Kelds Nor
Kelds Nor
Photo - Naturturisme