Voderup Cliff – the largest ‘stairway’ in Denmark – is one of Ærø’s most beautiful areas. Voderup Cliff juts up 25 metres in the middle of Ærø’s south coastal landscape. Terraced plateaus – shaped like four giant stairs – are visible from the edge of the cliff down to the shore. The strata date from the time just before and around the last Ice Age when they were pushed up in sheets and are a blend of various types of moraine clay and sand. Cattle graze the area.
Precipitation and groundwater seeping through the layers can dislodge the thick layers of sand, pushing out large blocks of moraine clay and sand. This was exemplified 40 years ago when a field sank 14 metres down to the sea. Water trickles from the foot of each ‘stair’, providing a supply of fresh drinking water for the cattle.
The south-facing cliff has an abundant biodiversity of animals, plants and insects.