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Søgaard Lake, Gulstav Bog
and Dovns Cliff

   Dovns Klint
The tip of South Langeland has three fine wildlife areas quite close to each other.
Søgaard Lake, near Søgaard Manor, and the surrounding wetlands and meadows make up a fine birdlife area teeming with small animals such as the Sand Lizard, Yellow-Necked Field Mouse and Newts.
Two coppices – Vestre Gulstav and Østre Gulstav – are located near Gulstav Bog and have a profusion of forest-floor plants such as the Anemone, Primrose, Orchid and Corydalis. The birdwatching tower near the bog affords a fine view across the area.
Dovns Cliff at the south tip off Langeland, along with nearby Gulstav Cliff, are the remains of hat-shaped hills with high cliffs. Over the ages, wind and weather have caused many stones to loosen and tumble down to the shore, where, tossed by the waves, they have gained their characteristic round shapes. There are fine fishing grounds and birdwatching sites at or near both cliffs.
The area’s waymarked footpath, parking areas, etc., are described in a nature trail pamphlet.