Rudkøbing Vejle is a restored meadow area near the town of Rudkøbing and has always been a popular excursion spot for the town’s inhabitants. In 1995, the wet meadows were restored, thereby improving the natural habitats of many meadow plants and the wetland’s birdlife. The area is grazed by cattle in summer and fine footpaths are located between the enclosures which are easily accessible with a pram.
Rudkøbing Vejle was formerly an open fjord before an embankment was built here in 1824.
Fredsskoven, a wood bordering on Rudkøbing Vejle, has also been a popular place to visit by the town’s inhabitants. In the early 1900s, a restaurant (with dancing) was located in the wood. The area has many fine vantage points with views across Rudkøbing Vejle and the sea. The oldest part of the wood primarily consists of tall old beech trees, whereas the new wood, planted in 1992, is a mixture of oak and beech. In spring, the wood is pervaded by the pungent fragrance of Ramsons and blanketed with the white and lilac flowers of Corydalis and Anemone.