Ristinge Cliff

             Ristinge Klint


Ristinge Cliff is a geological attraction, 30 metres high, with a unique wild flora and fauna.
It is possible to walk along a path on the top of the cliff, which also provides access to a dolmen. The cliff top affords a magnificent view across the entire coast and the cove beyond.
As traces of two different Ice Ages and an interglacial period are visible here, the cliff area is a unique site in Europe. The various strata are clearly visible in the cliff: the soft white quartz sand layer and the yellow ridges of moraine clay. The cliff is a fine fossil-hunting area and one of the best bathing beaches in Funen County is located along the shore here.
In former times, the Ristinge peninsula was almost an island until Ristinge Nor was reclaimed in 1872. Ristinge Nor is a luxuriant thicket with bog, meadow and fields.