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Tryggelev Nor, Nørreballe Nor

        Tryggelev Nor     
Tryggelev Nor is a lush coastal lagoon with a vulnerable natural habitat and rare birdlife. In recent years, a habitat restoration project has placed the area under the jurisdiction of the EU’s Birds Directive and Habitats Directive in an effort to improve the state of the wildlife and environment in the cove and surrounding meadows.
The restoration of a lake in nearby Nørreballe Nor will remove up to 70% of the nitrogen that previously flowed into the lagoon, resulting in a more pristine Tryggelev Nor.
The entire Tryggelev Nor area is now an interesting, luxuriant 180-hectare nature reserve, with a network of footpaths, a mini-museum, info boards and a birdwatching tower.