Skovsgaard Manor, owned by the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, is an organic farm with seed-growing, set-aside and grazed meadow areas. The organic cultivation is based on a six-year crop rotation that does not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Instead weed control consists of frequent harrowing, cover crops, etc.
Skovsgaard Manor’s open cattle-yard stables are used by the Organic Island Lamb project in winter for housing their ewes. The ewes give birth to lambs in February-March, after which the herd is released on various islands in the South Funen Archipelago in May.
The remaining area consists of old and new natural forests, many waterholes, ponds, bogs and meadows. Five nature trails have been laid out in the area, and detailed route pamphlets with maps and a description of the trails are available at the manor’s entrance centre.

Café Skovsgaard, a newly refurbished café, and a Nature Workshop, with lots of activities for children and adults, are also located at Skovsgaard. A nature guide at the manor gives guided tours of the area, etc.