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The South Funen Archipelago is an outstanding wildlife area in Denmark. The Archipelago encompasses an area from Helnæsbugten in the west, across the South Funen “Alps” (near Korinth and Kirkeby) to the fishing hamlet of Lundeborg in the east, continuing south-east and down across the entire Archipelago where Langeland and Ærø are the easternmost and southernmost islands respectively.


More than 55 green, luxuriant islands and islets are scattered across a blue, shallow sea whose mild year-round climate provides excellent conditions for a wide variety of wild flora and fauna. The natural habitats of many rare plant species are found in the salt meadows, and thousands of aquatic birds breed, winter and moult in the Archipelago.


Several areas of the Archipelago are designated as bird breeding sanctuaries where special access restrictions apply, while others are vulnerable natural habitats with unrivalled wild flora and fauna.

For this reason, the South Funen Archipelago has been designated as an international wildlife protection area where conservation measures respect the valuable bio-diversity, birdlife and endangered species within the area.


                         The waterline
                  Photo - Hans Erik Hjorth-Hansen