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When moving on land within the South Funen Archipelago, the following rules should be observed out of respect for the vulnerable natural habitats and their bird and animal life, but also out of respect for the local residents.

  • You are permitted to move through and stop along all coastal areas, if the distance to the closest dwelling exceeds 50 metres – except at bird breeding sanctuaries.
  • You are permitted to pull a non-motorised boat onto the beach but are not allowed to pitch a tent or tarpaulin.
    Always ask the property owner for permission to pitch a tent.
  • You are permitted to use paths and proper roads in woods and open countryside.
  • You are permitted to enter private woods from 6 a.m. until sunset.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in woods and open countryside – along the coast, the leash rule applies only from 1 April to 30 September, however.
  • Keep a proper distance from dwellings and private gardens.
  • Respect vulnerable birdlife along the coast and avoid going ashore on uninhabited islands and islets from 1 March to 15 July.
  • Tidy up before leaving an area, including the ‘natural’ variety – use toilets wherever possible.
  • Remove all litter you are responsible for before leaving an area.
  • Extinguish fires with water and spread the ashes before leaving the site.

When spending the night on an island or islet, use a designated primitive campground where service is provided and you do not disturb the wildlife.

 Strandtur med familien
Family at the beach
Photo - Naturturisme