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Although visitors have unlimited access to the aquatic areas of the South Funen Archipelago, there are many factors that must be considered.
Thousands of aquatic birds are found in the South Funen Archipelago all year round – either breeding, migrating, wintering or moulting. They must be left undisturbed wherever possible for the very purpose of preserving the vulnerable habitat areas and their abundant birdlife for prosperity as well.


Although the Archipelago should be enjoyed as a unique area in its own right, boating and sea kayaking should be performed with care in some areas of the Archipelago. These areas are shown on the Archipelago Map and under Birds.
Similarly, some shallow areas are covered by certain hunting and surfing restrictions.

These precautions are posted in many harbour areas under the South Funen Archipelago Game Preserve or queries can be directed to:
National Forest and Nature Agency (preserve secretariat) +45 7527 2088,
Funen State Forest District +45 6265 1777.

Sejlads tæt under land 
                                Sailing in the Archipelago
                                   Photo - Naturturisme