Below is a brief description of the Objective 2 Programme:  
Objective 2 funds are financial assistance from the EU and the national, county and municipal governments for initiating and encouraging positive regional development. The basic objective of Denmark’s Objective 2 Programme:

Strengthen the terms for a development and conversion process that ensures welfare, employment, equal opportunity and a sustainable environment in regions with structural problems.


Within the framework of this objective, targets have been defined for South Funen’s Objective 2 Programme:

  • Population trends must be reversed to increase the year-round population of the region. It is particularly important to increase the number of inhabitants of employable age;
  • Unemployment must be reduced and the ratio of persons employed in manufacturing and service trades must increase;
  • The labour force’s educational level must increase. This shall occur by enhancing the qualifications of the local populace and by encouraging highly educated people to settle in the area;
  • The level of income must be increased;
  • The area’s environmental, natural and marine resources must be protected and strengthened. The area’s scenic assets must be respected and the cultural and environmental assets must be protected and developed;
  • The area must strengthen its adaptability by staking its future on research and development, competency development at all levels and the increased use of IT, as well as by establishing themed networks.

“Nature Tourism in the South Funen Archipelago” is approved in the Objective 2 Programme’s “Framework Conditions”, the purpose of which is to improve infrastructure, to make the area more attractive to settle in and to improve trade and industry environment in the area, which also includes improving public services for the benefit of trade and industry development and the development of facilities for cultural and tourist-related offers. The natural and cultural environment is to be protected and strengthened on an ongoing basis.


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