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Lyø, south-west of Faaborg, is the westernmost island in the South Funen Archipelago.
The island covers 605 hectares and has 132 inhabitants.


Lyø landscapes are highly varied: level in the west, hilly in the east with two fertile subglacial stream trenches and beautiful vantage points from the centre of the island overlooking Horneland in the north and Als in the south.


The listed buildings and village pond of the lovely, unique village in the centre of the island make it a historical treasure.
The abundant, diverse birdlife includes several colonies of breeding birds on Revet (salt-marsh area) in the west and at Østersjo and Det Ny Land (a curled tongue of land) in the east. Visitors are not allowed to enter Revet, a sanctuary for breeding birds, from 1 March to 15 July; during this same period visitors are also strongly urged not to enter Det Ny Land, due to breeding birds and the area’s other vulnerable natural habitats.


The island has several prehistoric monuments, such as the beautiful Klokkestenen, a round barrow from the Neolithic period. Lyø has fine bathing beaches and fishing grounds.
The island has grocery shops, an inn and school, a chemist’s shop, a church, a hiking trail, a birdwatching tower, rest areas and a tent site.


Ferry service departs from Faaborg.


Lyø has its own website where many more details are available.

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Village house from Lyø
Photo - Faaborg Turistbureau