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The hilly island of Avernakø is characterised by its elongated two-sectioned shape: it is actually two islands, Avernakø and Korshavn, connected by an isthmus that was reinforced into a road causeway in 1937.


The 8-kilometre-long, 586-hectare island is located just south of Faaborg and around 100 people live here. Like Lyø, Avernakø has several vulnerable natural habitats, which visitors are strongly urged not to enter during the bird breeding season from 1 March – 15 July, i.e. Avernakø Hoved (west) and Revtrille (south-east). In these parts of the island the peculiar croaking sounds of the rare Fire-Bellied Toad can be heard in summer.
The island has a little of everything on offer, ranging from the proud tradition of raising the Maypole on Whitsun Saturday to interesting archaeological finds, lovely sights, fine bathing beaches and fishing grounds – and much more besides.


There is Ferry service departs from Faaborg.


Avernakø even has its own website where you can read about everything the island has to offer: www.avernak.dk