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           Photo - Faaborg Turistbureau

Bjørnø is a small island (150 hectares) only 3 kilometres south of Faaborg.


About 40 people live on this island which – compared to the rest of the area – is quite elevated with a lovely varied countryside that is ideal to explore on foot.


Several hills are 16 to 24 metres high providing excellent vantage points. They are physical manifestations of the erosion, gouging and scouring of soil and boulders by the ice as it moved across South Funen during the last Ice Age.
Bjørnø’s characteristic bird is the Sand Martin, which nests in holes in the steep cliffs along the entire south-west coast of the island. To the south-east, Holmene and Odden comprise a beautiful salt-marsh and reef area with particularly vulnerable wildlife which visitors are strongly urged not to enter during the bird breeding season from 1 March – 15 July.


The island is suitable for day visits. Commodities are sold at a summer shop and accommodation venues include a B&B, a primitive campground and cottages for hire.
Ferry service departs from Faaborg