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”The Archipelago Trail – A hike around The South Funen Archipelago”

Naturturisme I/S has published a reference book on The Archipelago Trail – a guide book that gives information on the nature and the landscape on the way; about buildings and their overlords, the maritime’s great influence on the area, the trade monopoly of the market towns and a lot of other stories that have Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) to how it is today.

The hiking guide’s title is “The Archipelago Trail – A hike around the South Funen Archipelago” and is a 180 page reference book about:

 - Tour suggestions
 - Know your archipelago
 - Tips & Ideas
 - Tour facts
 - Overview map (separate)
 - Tour descriptions

The book’s core are the 21 tour descriptions that we have chosen to divide The Archipelago Trail in. Each is presented with a detailed map – with highlighted attractions, accommodations, and options for shopping etc., and a description of all the good experiences and stories that are connected to the stretch.

Know your archipelago
Know your archipelago is an introduction to Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago) and gives you a larger insight into the natural and cultural landscape and the history that characterises the area and that you will meet on your way. Read about the drowned Ice Age-landscape, where the trade was done in the market towns and how we as human beings have affected the nature we see today, and much more.                                                 

Tips and Ideas
Here, you find inspiration when you plan your hikes and the necessary equipment and attire you can benefit from using.

There is a section on “On tour with kids” with suggestions to equipment when you hike with the little ones. Here, you also find ideas on activities with the children and child friendly routes on The Archipelago Trail.

Finally, there are suggestions to other trails and areas in Det Sydfynske Øhav where you can hike.

Tour facts
The last section of the book is about factual information on accommodations, transport and other practical information that are nice to have.

Overview map
In the plastic pocket back in the book you find an overview map Det Sydfynske Øhav and The Archipelago Trail in  1:130.000. Here, you can get an outline of the trail’s paths and the facilities you can visit on your way.

The book's “perpetrators”
The author of the book is ranger and biologist Jesper Vagn Christensen from Forest and Nature Agency, Fyn – a whimsical and enthused storyteller who have worn out the trail and has many a cheerful story up his sleeve and hundreds of kilometres in the boots.  

The author has had assistance from an active and committed drafting group of locals: Michael Martin Jensen and Per Frank from Danish Outdoor Council, Ole Bloch-Petersen from The Danish Society for Nature Conservation and Hanne Andersen from Vagabond Tours.

The book can be bought from bookstores in the entire country and travel agencies in Svendborg, Rudkøbing, Faaborg and Ærøskøbing.

Fact Box

Price: 150 dkr. 

The book is supported by: Skov- og Naturstyrelsens tilskud til Lokale Grønne Partnerskaber og Friluftsrådets tips- og lottomidler.

Languages: Danish, German and English

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Project sum: (2010) 500.000 dkr.
(2016) 200.000 dkr.

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