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The Task Group

Naturturisme I/S has supplemented a task group, which has an important advisory function to the Board and the Secretariat.

The Task Group consists of: 

Morten Refskou (Chairman)
Head of Culture and Development
Svendborg Municipality

Ole Tyrsted Jørgensen (Vice Chairman)
Department Manager
Faaborg Midtfyn Municipality

Jani Hansen
Chief of Economy and Personnel
Langeland Municipality

Kirsten Johansen
Director of Business, Plan and Technical
Aero Municipality

Jakob Harrekilde Jensen 
The Danish Nature Agency, Fyn

Anne Høyby 
Business Developer
Developing Fyn

Esben Hedegaard
Svendborg Museum

Anne Mette Wandsøe
Director of Tourism and Business
Langeland Tourism and Business Association


Kristian Gernow
Department Manager, Business, Housing and Nature
Svendborg Municipality

Heidi Juul Madsen
Chief of Staff
Faaborg Midtfyn Municipality

Rikke Fink
Technical Manager
Langeland Municipality

Palle Kefer
Aero Municipality

Søren Strandgaard
The Danish Nature Agency, Funen

Mads Rye Sletberg
Tourist Manager
Visit Faaborg

Anne-Mette Sørensen

Nils Valdersdorf Jensen
Museum Inspector
Svendborg Museum


Waterlilies by Trente Mill. (Foto: MP)