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Welcome to Naturturisme I/S – a multi-municipal development organisation owned by the four municipalities in South Funen: Faaborg-Midtfyn, Svendborg, Langeland and Aero.

The four owning municipalities have cooperated in nature tourism since 2004, and in 2007 this was formalised by the foundation of Naturturisme I/S.

Our purposes are:

  • To strengthen the tourism industry’s development possibilities through actions that improves the area’s qualities in natural and cultural historical experiences.
  • To strengthen the foundation of the municipalities’ work toward a larger settlement in the area.


The development must happen on a sustainable foundation regarding the local population and the nature’s interests.
Naturturisme I/S is led by an independent board and has its own secretariat. We disseminate Det Sydfynske Øhav (The South Funen Archipelago): South Funen, Aero, Langeland and the 55 islets’ obvious beauty and visualise their well preserved secrets. We want to make the locals proud and the tourists interested.

Naturturisme I/S also frames a broad cooperation which can create a focused product development of experiences and activities within the nature, cultural environments and landscapes in general. The effort is made across municipality boarders, disciplines and commercial specialties.
We create growth through our own actions but are also a forum, where dialogue can inspire and catalyse other operator’s initiatives in relevant areas.

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